EVs on the Archipelago Ring Road

06 June 2019, 10:44

Tesla Club Finland organised an EV excursion around the beautiful Archipelago Ring Road!

EVs on a ferry

On June 6th, the Telsa Club in Finland organised an EV road trip around the scenic archipelago. The tour kicked off at the Electricity Museum in Paimio, where Fortum Charge & Drive offered coffee and ice cream, as well as a tour of the museum, which is also sponsored by Fortum.

A band of EVs (Teslas in particular) make quite a sensation wherever they go, and the local interest in EVs, Teslas, and e-mobilities was delightful! One of the highlights of the trip was the ferry from Parainen to Nauvo - the ferry, Finnferries'  Elektra, is not only Finland's largest ferry road, but it's also the first ferry that can be run 100% on electricity!

The combination of Finland's largest electric ferry with a full load of EVs also broke the Finnish national news, with MTV3 reporting on the awesome event.

Picture by Lauri Seppänen

News article about EVs on an electric ferry

MTV3 Article about EVs on an Electric Ferry

The Finnish national news channel, MTV3, reported on the event! The article is in Finnish and includes a great drone video!