Fun Facts from Fortum

02 November 2019, 09:56

Fortum compensates all CO2 personnel emissions, creates products from recycled plastics, and is amongst the top 100 companies making progress for gender equality!

At a company like Fortum, there are often so many cool things going on that we should occasionally take a moment to highlight some of the innovations and achievements that take place around us. In addition to the multiple initiatives and pilot projects around eMobility (e.g. autonomous vehicles, electric airplanes, high-power wireless charging, and battery recycling), Fortum has other initiatives, innovations, and achievements to be proud of!

Picture of three women from Charge & Drive

Fortum in the Top 100 Companies for Gender Equality

The Equileap Global Report & Ranking 2019 report was released this autumn, ranking the top 100 companies for gender equality and presenting and key findings per theme, country and sector. Fortum was ranked 50th worldwide, with Australia, France, and the Nordics listed as the best-performing countries on gender equality overall. Fortum Charge & Drive is proud to be part of this achievement!

Girl flying a kite

Compensating air travel emissions

Emissions from all Fortum employees' air travel have been compensated since 2007. Fortum is a participant in the international Prototype Carbon Fund (PCF) climate fund and uses the emission reduction units it has received from the PCF to, for instance, compensate greenhouse gas emissions generated by employee air travel. In 2018 emissions caused by employee air travel were compensated by using the emission reduction units to El Canadá Hydroelectric Project in Guatemala.

fortum circo recycled plastics and product

A cleaner world starts in your kitchen

Fortum's mission is to drive the change towards a cleaner world - and sometimes that can be taken quite literally! This dish brush is a good example: It’s made with Fortum Circo, a plastic recyclate produced from post-consumer plastic waste. It's just one of several cool consumer products that are available made from Fortum's Circo plastic, which combines recycled plastic and natural cellulose fibre.