Explore the world of Fortum Circo® recycled plastic compounds at K2022

Fortum Circo at K-messe

Explore the world of Fortum Circo® recycled plastic compounds and meet us at K2022!

We have developed Fortum Circo® recycled plastic as a sustainable substitute for virgin materials. At the K2022, the world's no. 1 trade fair for plastics and rubbers, in Düsseldorf, Germany, we are presenting our new series of Fortum Circo® compounds suitable for technical appliances requiring high-performance properties. In addition to high quality, versatility and improved technical properties, the compounds also offer outstanding environmental properties.

We invite you to visit our stand at K-messe in Hall 8A/H34 on October 19-26!


Fortum Circo® – Tailored for your needs

We have developed Fortum Circo® compounds, made of post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic and supplemented with selected additives, to improve the technical and environmental properties of the material. Compounds offer improved properties and are developed to meet the technical, aesthetic and haptic requirements of demanding applications.

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Fortum Circo carbon neutral footprint

Insights of the carbon footprint study: Cellulose fibre-reinforced compound is carbon neutral

We are proud to introduce our new carbon-neutral cellulose fibre-reinforced compound, Fortum Circo® PP-CF 40, which combines post-consumer recycled polypropylene with softwood cellulose fibre, at K2022. 

The climate change impact of our basic Fortum Circo® recyclates is already about 50% smaller than that of virgin granulates. Based on a recent carbon footprint study our new compound is even more sustainable, as its carbon footprint is neutral.

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Viren chair made of Fortum Circo

Discover our Fortum Circo® recycled plastic products

Fortum Circo® recycled plastic is a versatile raw material that is available in basic grades: PP, HDPE and LDPE and in customised compounds in selected material series: 
Fortum Circo® PP-CF series (reinforced with cellulose fibres)
Fortum Circo® PP-T series (reinforced with talc)

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Anniina Rasmus

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Seppo Kuusela

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Kari Aaltonen

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Mikko Koivuniemi

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