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Seminar: Apros® Dynamic Process Simulation Software, March 26-27th 2018, Beijing China

Seminar: Apros® Dynamic Process Simulation Software

Dynamic process simulation is a vital part of nuclear engineering and safety analysis. The simulation model can be used to test e.g. process changes dynamically on the fly. With the high-quality simulation tool, licensing analysis for nuclear facilities is possible as well. 

We are delighted to invite you to hear and experience how dynamic process simulation software Apros® can help you in nuclear engineering and safety analysis. Apros® is already utilized by several organizations in China and we would like to offer you an opportunity to hear their experiences of Apros®. In addition, we would like to invite you to test the software yourself for a hands-on experience. You also will get leading edge insight into future developments of dynamic simulation software and see the “first-in-the-world” Virtual Reality Simulator utilizing Apros®.

There are many existing nuclear power plants and nuclear new build projects going on in China, as well as significant number of research activities in the Chinese universities on the area of nuclear power generation. We believe that companies, authorities and research institutes would benefit greatly from Apros® utilization in their engineering projects, research projects, automation tests and in operator training. Hence, we would like to provide you a hands-on experience of Apros® dynamic simulation software (hands-on model building and simulation exercises) at this seminar in Beijing.

Fortum Apros® Seminar 2018
Date: 09:00AM-16:00PM, March 26th-27th, 2018
Venue: Golden Harbor Hotel, Beijing, China
Fee: Free of charge

March 26, 2018

  • Opening words
  • Fortum presentation
  • Apros simulation software & demonstration
  • Chinese Apros customers/presentations
  • Fortum references
    • Nuclear
    • Thermal
  • New Apros developments
    • 3D reactor visualization
    • SCL user components
    • Apros team server
    • Apros UI visualization
  • Discussions

March 27, 2018

  • VR and AR services
  • Hands-on training, participants can use Apros
    • Apros user interface
    • Process modelling
    • I&C system modelling
    • Simulation of power plants (nuclear and thermal)
    • District heating system simulation
  • Hands-on training continues
  • Apros installation, licensing, training and support services
  • Ending discussions

Apros® in summary

Apros® is a multifunctional simulator, which is suitable for various tasks during a complete project cycle of a nuclear and thermal power plant from the plant design to the operator training. It can be used in e.g. preliminary design, detailed process & automation design, engineering & safety analysis, I&C testing, and training simulator applications. Apros® has been successfully used to develop engineering, analysis and training simulator models for BWR, PWR and VVER nuclear power plants as well as engineering and training simulators for thermal power plants.

Apros® applications

The validity of Apros® power plant models ranges from cold start-up procedures to normal operation modes, normal and emergency shutdown, and load rejections and to failures of any combination of process, automation or electrical components. Apros® alone can be used to model simulate the whole power plant process.

  • 1D / 3D reactor neutronics
  • Thermal hydraulics
  • Automation systems
  • Electrical networks
  • Containment buildings

• Quick & easy build-up model with the graphical user interface with existing component libraries (or generate models automatically from data in text format with Apros own programming language SCL).

• Create own components within Apros software (no third party software or code compiling requirements)

• Apros® Team Server takes care of version management in large multi-modeler projects, thus allowing simultaneous model development from different physical locations.

Online demo of Apros®