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Fortum has years of expertise from different stages of nuclear newbuilds and has been at the forefront of studying the possibilities of small modular reactors (SMR). We are happy to support you with our expertise in gaining a better understanding of the technology or help you get started with your SMR project.

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Longstanding knowledge in several technical disciplines for supporting newbuilds

Business ethics
Feasibility studies

Our expertise can ease your first steps into a SMR newbuild

Climate and resources
Market Analysis

Harness our nuclear industry understanding of different actors and factors driving the SMR development

SMR infograph showing how an SMR plant interconnects to the electricity and district heating networks as well as supplying industrial heat.

Small modular reactors are fast becoming a reality and Fortum has been at the forefront of studying them with our R&D programme going back to 2013. In the recent years, we have advanced from research to supporting client projects, using our extensive knowhow and expertise. Beside deep understanding of SMRs, our nuclear experts are also veterans in multiple newbuilds around the world. We have competences in nuclear safety and many other fields, critical to understanding these new reactor types.

Whether you need support with realising your plans for SMR newbuild, a better understanding of what the markets and opportunities for SMRs are or support in the analysis of the new safety systems of these plants, our experts are here to support you. 

Jani Ikonen

Senior Manager
Newbuild and Operating Services
Tel: +358 40 357 2467
jani [dot] ikonen [at] fortum [dot] com

Nuclear Newbuild

Support for Nuclear Newbuild Projects

Decades of nuclear experience for supporting nuclear newbuild projects and newcomer countries throughout all phases of the project. Fortum offers technical support and consulting services which allow our Customers to have the know-how of an experienced Owner-Operator.

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ADLAS® – Licencing and Safety Design

Fortum ADLAS® is a proven and efficient Systems Engineering approach to formulate Nuclear Plant requirements and a systematic configuration management method.

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Fortum and MIT launch Nuclear Cost Estimation Tool

We hope that making the modelling tool open source will drive the nuclear sector forward and a step closer to making SMR's a reality.

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Fortum launches a feasi­bility study to explore prereq­ui­sites for new nuclear

Fortum is starting a two-year feasibility study to explore prerequisites for new nuclear. 

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SMR consulting for Fermi Energia

Fortum has been actively supporting the ongoing Estonian SMR project since 2019

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Blog, by Antti Rantakaulio (3 Jun, 2020): First small nuclear reactor in Finland in 10–15 years?
Blog, by Konsta Värri (18 May, 2020): Clean district heating with SMRs 
Blog, by Antti Rantakaulio (27 Feb, 2020): Small modular reactors an effective tool for climate change mitigation
Press release (28 Jan, 2020): Fortum starts cooperation in Estonian SMR deployment project

Blog, by Matti Kattainen (27 Apr, 2022): A stronger role for small nuclear reactors in the future energy system
Press release (17 Oct, 2022): Fortum launches a feasi­bility study to explore prereq­ui­sites for new nuclear
Online news article (1 Nov, 2022): Fortum and MIT launch Nuclear Cost Estimation Tool
Press release (25 Nov, 2022): Fortum and Helen to explore potential cooper­ation in small modular reactors

See Fortum's ForTheDoers blog, for more posts on how our professionals tackle different aspects of climate change towards a cleaner future for us and the next generations.

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