Human Factors Engineering

Taking human factors into account early in a nuclear newbuild or modernisation project is an important part of ensuring safe, reliable and productive plant operation. Fortum offers HFE services suitable for new build projects, operational plants and plants in decommissioning phase.

Fuel source flexibility
Flexible scope

Fortum’s Human Factors Engineering services can help in large and small projects throughout the plant lifecycle. We can support in creating requirement specifications and executing HFE analyses as well as in development and management of complete HFE programs.

Becoming supplier
Supplier independent

Our services are independent of suppliers, and we have vast knowledge of international standards in the field.

Customer oriented
Understanding end-user's perspective

Based on Fortum’s background as a nuclear power plant operator and a license holder, we have the ability to look at HFE activities from the client’s and end-user’s perspective. Understanding characteristics, tasks and needs is a key point in all HFE activities.

Taking human factors into account early in a nuclear newbuild or modernisation project is one important part of ensuring safety and productivity of plant operation. Integrating ergonomic design into the engineering process helps in creating easy-to-use tools for the end users and diminishes the likelihood of human errors in plant operation and maintenance, but also reduces the need for costly changes to the designed solutions during and after the project.

We develop and use efficient tools and processes, such as fast AI guided requirement classification, design stage evaluations using dynamic simulators and VR environments, HFE assessment templates and design processes aligned with requirements set by nuclear authorities.

Our team has years of experience in control room and HMI design, and we are equipped with the skillsets to combine design with HFE activities.

Our offering:

  • Initial clarifications and requirement specifications
  • HFE programs and plans
  • HFE analysis including e.g. operating experience analysis and task analysis
  • Style guides
  • Independent design reviews
  • HFE verification and validation (V&V)

Leena Salo

Control Centres and HMI
Tel: +358 40 595 2345
leena [dot] salo [at] fortum [dot] com

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