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Human capacity building and knowledge management is perhaps the most important topic for safe and reliable use of nuclear power. It is especially important for new build projects, where local knowhow is yet to be established. In order to localize the nuclear expertise and to be independent about the plant vendors at earliest stage possible, Fortum provides training services to build local knowhow for licensing and operating the nuclear power plant.

Customer oriented
Training in modules

Fortum Nuclear Training is provided in modules, duration normally one week. Classroom training can be arranged at the client’s premises or alternatively at Fortum premises.

Fuel source flexibility
Flexible and tailored training packages

The content of the training packages is flexible and lectures can be tailored according to the customer’s needs.

Increased efficiency
Systematic Approach to Training

As an NPP operator Fortum has extensive routines for trainings of plant and contractor personnel. Fortum is relying on the Systematic Approach to Training when implementing trainings to ensure the safe and efficient operations of the power plant.

Knowledge management and capacity building are important to achieve and maintain the required competence of personnel working at nuclear facilities. Competence is normally understood as the ability to apply skills, knowledge and attitudes in order to perform an activity or job to specified standards. Education and training have important role in the capacity building of a nuclear operator.

Customers wishing to start a construction project of nuclear installation face often challenges in the knowhow of local personnel, especially in the environments with no former nuclear regulation or requirements. Plant vendors can fill the gap at the first place, but for committed use of nuclear power production safe operations of nuclear power plant have to be based on the local knowhow in the long term.

We have developed a standard training packages, which supports especially the learning of new build projects. The objective is to provide for educated personnel training packages, which help the personnel to integrate to the safety requirements of nuclear industry. For license holder and plant operator the design and engineering is demanding phase of a new build project. Engineering disciplines have to be mastered together with relevant code and standards in order to ensure the safe design of NPP. The focus of our training is to support new build organizations to make the safety related design effectively and efficiently.

Our offering:

  • Nuclear safety design principles (defence of depth, diversity, redundancy etc.)
  • Safety analysis (deterministic analysis, PRA)
  • Design basis
  • Licencing plan & licencing process
  • Radiation safety and monitoring
  • Nuclear fuel (safety, procurement, interim storage, disposal)
  • Waste management (LILW, decommissioning)
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Safeguards
  • Codes and standards
  • Safety culture & human performance

Jani Ikonen

Senior Manager
Newbuild and Operating Services
Tel: +358 40 357 2467
jani [dot] ikonen [at] fortum [dot] com

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