Apros® Nuclear – Advanced Process Simulation Software

Apros® Nuclear is a comprehensive, accurate and user-friendly tool for modelling and dynamic simulation of nuclear power plants.

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For nuclear power plants
Modelling of Full Nuclear Power Plant

Comprehensive plant models for BWRs, PWRs and VVERs covering reactor island, turbine island, balance of plant and electrical and automation systems

Extensively Verified and Validated

Validated against real data and approved by STUK for use in Finnish NPPs

IT systems
Easy to use

Quick and easy-to-use fully graphical user interface for model configuration and simulation

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Apros® Nuclear simulation and analysis software has shown its excellence as a key contributor in assuring nuclear power projects achieve the highest plant safety and operational performance levels. It has been successfully used in a series of major nuclear power plant projects, including power upgrade, modernization, safety improvement, and new plant projects. Apros® has been approved by STUK as an independent computer code for the nuclear safety analysis of all Finnish NPPs and it has successful references worldwide in approx. 30 countries.

Key Benefits

  • Vendor independent code owned by NPP owner-operator and research organization 
  • More realistic transient behaviour due to less boundary conditions assumptions; real physical feedback e.g. between turbine and reactor plant models
  • Quick and easy-to-use fully graphical model configuration, simulation and maintenance
  • Extensively verified code and validated models against real measurement data
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Toni Salminen

Tel: +358 400 519 650
toni [dot] salminen [at] fortum [dot] com

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  • Feasibility studies and verification of plant modifications
  • Safety transient and accident analysis e.g for licensing
  • Process, automation and HMI design and testing
  • Operating procedures development and testing
  • Operator training
  • Testing I&C (both emulated and real cabinets)

Features and Connectivity

  • Comprehensive plant model covering reactor island, turbine island, the balance of plant, and electrical and automation systems
  • Light water reactor types: BWR, PWR, VVER 
  • 1D and 3D neutronics solvers, incl. two-group nodal kinetic model
  • Thermal hydraulic solvers including three- and six-equation flow models
  • Complete process component libraries including containment, cooling towers, passive systems, and severe accident management systems
  • Complete automation model incl. PID controls, interlockings, sequence controls
  • Plant electrical systems and power grid model
  • Fully graphical user interface for model configuration and simulation
  • Connectivity to third-party software
    • Integrate with your document management systems
    • Connectivity to DCS and other tools and systems via OPC UA, OPC DA
    • Connectivity to plant design systems
    • Integration with CFD and FEM tools