Radioactive Waste Storages

Fortum offers technical support and consulting services for design and developing interim storages for radioactive waste. We have strong capabilities to support customers with design of interim storage for spent nuclear fuel as well as for low-and-intermediate level radioactive waste storages.

Waste management
Interim storages for all radioactive waste

Our services cover design of interim storage both for spent nuclear fuel and for low-and-inter­me­diate level radioactive waste (LILW). We have decades operation experience of the waste storages.

Feasibility studies supporting decision-making

Our services include a comprehensive technical and economic feasibility studies. We can support in decision-making by compiling conceptual design of different site-specific storage concepts, such as a dry cask storage and a wet pool storage.

Nuclear waste management
Safe, functional and cost efficient ground for final disposal

Our approach aims to enable safe storage without forgetting cost efficient, easily adaptable and customizable interim storage processes and design. We want to ensure that the solutions for interim storages enables compatibility with final disposal.

Fortum has successfully operated its interim storage facilities for spent nuclear fuel and low-and-intermediate waste at Loviisa Power Plant around 40 years. During this time, we have accumulated considerable amount of expertise both from the design and the operations of the waste storages. Our approach aims to enable safe storage without forgetting cost efficient, easily adaptable and customisable interim storage processes and design. Thanks to our long history of waste storages, we have also gained experience about implementation of plant modifications for interim spent fuel storages. As a specialty, we have experience in high density fuel racks.

Our main offering related to interim storages:

  • Feasibility studies e.g. of wet pool storages and dry cask storages
  • Conceptual design of radioactive waste storages
  • Safety engineering with ADLAS®
  • Design of new build interim wet pool spent fuel storage
  • Simulations and safety analyses (radiation modelling and shielding calculations, radiation safety analyses, criticality analyses, PRA, thermohydraulical analysis with Apros®
  • Construction licensing documentation including PSAR
  • Procurement support

Fortum has designed wet storages for its fully-owned Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant and for its co-owned Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant in Finland. In addition, Fortum has made conceptual design for interim storage for the Hanhikivi Nuclear Power Plant newbuild project.

The key features and benefits of Fortum’s Spent fuel interim storage concept are introduced below:

  • Adapts well to complete nuclear fuel cycle, including final disposal.
  • Redundant ultimate heat sink applied. Lessons learned from Fukushima taken into account.
  • Air plane crash protection applied.
  • No penetrations from fuel pools below the water surface. Reduced risk of leaks.
  • Compatibility with final disposal: easy transfer of fuel out from the spent fuel storage
  • Cost efficient considering both construction and operating costs
  • Easily adaptable to different needs

Antti Ketolainen

Senior Manager
Decommissioning and Waste
Tel: +358 40 751 8956
Antti [dot] V [dot] Ketolainen [at] fortum [dot] com


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