Radiation safety engineering in decommissioning

Ensuring radiation safety is a key aspect in safe and effective execution of nuclear decommissioning. Radiation safety shall be taken into account and integrated in all planning and engineering tasks of nuclear decommissioning from establishing a general level radiation safety policies for the decom program to determination of work task specific radiation dose estimations and radiation shielding calculations. High quality radiation safety engineering is a necessity for safe implementation of protective measures. Fortum has a strong in-house radiation safety engineering capabilities and can support you in radiation safety planning, preparation of ALARA plans and dose assessments as well as carrying out complex radiation shielding calculations and simulations.

ALARA planning

Radiation safety should be considered and integrated in all levels of decommissioning project’s management system documents, HSE plans and individual working instructions as necessary. ALARA plans shall be prepared generally for whole project as well as to individual work tasks with different requirements of level of details. In Fortum we have decades of experience on planning and execution of complex projects and tasks both for our own and for our clients nuclear facilities taken radiation safety into account in all working phases in accordance with the ALARA principle. We have prepared ALARA plans and radiation dose estimates for both operating power plants and decommissioning projects. Therefore, we are able to support you with ALARA planning and estimating collective and individual radiation doses.

REMAINT nuclear outage concept
Optimising radiation safety

Radiation safety is an essential factor to ensure occupational health and safety in execution of nuclear decommissioning work tasks, including dismantling and waste management activities. Leaning on our strong in-house competences and our experience on radiation safety engineering, we can support you in planning of the working tasks and their implementation methods to ensure and optimize the radiation safety. We are experienced in radiation modelling and simulations, and can ensure best possible working methods, including designing necessary radiation shieldings and protective measures.

Free-releasing of site

The final work task in nuclear decommissioning is to carry out free-release measurements at the site. Based on our experience, we can support you in planning and verifying the free-release measurements. Free-release measurements are usually very manpower intensive and time consuming. Hence our experience and radiation safety engineering can support you in optimisation of the measuring processes, methods and tasks and can thus gain time and cost savings in implementation.

Radiation safety is a key issue for securing a safe and efficient decommissioning project. Our radiation safety engineering services for nuclear decommissioning are founded on our strong in-house engineering capabilities and our long nuclear operator and service provider experience. Successfully handled radiation safety is a key issue for an efficient project execution without compromising safety. Radiation safety shall be clearly addressed in project’s strategy documentation and taken into account in general level decommissioning plans and detailed working instructions. Carefully designed and optimized working processes and radiation safety measures are then put into practice to minimize the dose budget in accordance with the ALARA principle. We can support you in planning and ensuring the compliance with radiation safety and ALARA principle in all phases of decommissioning project and in all levels of project planning.

Our services include for instance:

  • Radiation dose assessments
  • ALARA planning
  • Radiation release analysis and estimation of radiation exposures to employees and surrounding environment
  • Planning and designing radiation protection measures and shieldings
  • Optimisation of work tasks execution considering occupational radiation safety
  • MCNP modelling and simulations
  • Planning and verification of free-release measurements
  • Radiation safety of final disposal, incl. safety cases assessments

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