Nuclear Decommissioning Planning

Our expertise covers the whole plant lifecycle, including decommissioning plans from the preliminary to final versions as well as decommissioning strategies. Drawing from our experience, we can review your decommissioning plan to identify areas of improvement and potential for cost savings, update the existing plan, or provide your facility with a new decommissioning plan.

For nuclear power plants
Long experience with different types of facilities

We have been making decommissioning plans for more than 30 years covering different types of facilities and decommissioning phases. Additionally, we have also reviewed and benchmarked decommissioning plans made by others.

Nuclear waste management
Waste stream and waste management planning

In addition to the dismantling related activities, we are also experts on waste management. Based on our experience on handling all different kinds of waste categories, materials and activity levels, we can optimise your waste management from a holistic point of view.

Cost efficient
Resource and cost estimation and optimisation

Plans are reviewed and optimized based on the results of cost analysis. Our customers have been satisfied with our works. The cost estimates vary significantly between countries and sites and the cost savings achieved in the reviews have ranged from dozens to hundreds of millions of euros.

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Nuclear decommissioning project cost vary from hundreds of millions to a billion euros. Decommissioning planning comprises of three major streams: safety, dismantling and waste management. Experience in all three areas combined enables the most efficient optimisation of total project cost. Utilising modern design tools supports the planning by visualising complex and challenging environments, thus reducing the uncertainties. Fortum can provide support in all questions related to decommissioning planning.

Our decommissioning planning competences include e.g.:

  • Decommissioning strategy
  • Dismantling concept
  • Detailed dismantling planning
  • Workflow optimization, including the utilisation of digital solutions
  • Waste stream and waste management planning
  • Waste characterisation, packing and logistics planning
  • Radiation analyses and dose calculation
  • Utilisation of modern digital tools, e.g. reality capture
  • Resource and cost estimation and optimization
Antti Ketolainen, Nuclear Services

Antti Ketolainen

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Decommissioning and Waste
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