Nuclear Pre-decommissioning & Facility Shutdown Activities

Preparatory activities are the first part of a decommissioning project and set the guidelines for the entire project. High quality preparation ensures high quality implementation. Partner with us to fully utilise the last years of your plants lifetime to ensure a smooth transition into decommissioning.

Owner operator experience

We have experience of four units transitioning from operation to decommissioning. Our experience from the preparatory phase and its effects to the implementation will reduce overall risks of the project and secure a successful transition for your plant.

Cost efficient
Optimising preparatory activities lowers the total cost

Preparatory activities include many interdependent functions that affect different areas of implementation. Holistic optimisation of functions such as plant modifications, waste logistics and site simulations is crucial for streamlining implementation tasks and therefore reducing total costs.

High-quality preparation as a base for safe implementation

During the preparatory actions, all required safety functions are established. Based on our experience, we can help you prepare the most efficient safety measures during decommissioning in collaboration with regulatory bodies.

Fortum Riihimäki employee at Waste treatment

The preparation for decommissioning is a key issue for a successful decommissioning project. All units have specific features which need to be addressed for preparatory measures. All required safety functions are also established during the preparatory actions. Radiation protection measures are optimised and put into practice to minimize the dose budget. Plant safety functions will be updated to correspond the new facility state during the implementation. Successfully defined safety functions allow more efficient project execution without compromising safety.

Fortum’s approach to the preparation is to make strategy development as early as possible, as it creates boundaries for the whole decommissioning project. Fortum has a capability to support all pre-decommissioning activities to achieve timely and cost effective project, or a specific area such as training of personnel, procurement, waste management or cost optimisation. Well prepared decommissioning, including site logistics and waste routes, ensures safe and efficient decommissioning of a facility, and minimizes delays and undue costs.

Our services include for instance:

  • Site optimisation and modifications
  • Waste treatment and logistics optimisation
  • Procurement
  • Site simulations
  • Optimising radiation protection measures
  • Work process optimisation
  • Safety analyses
  • Training of personnel
  • Cost calculations and optimisation
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