Waste Management in Decommissioning

Waste management is an integrated part of a decommissioning project and one of the main drivers in cost efficient decommissioning. Bottlenecks in waste management can lead to long delays in the project or expensive waste reprocessing. Our streamlined processes can be utilised by our customers to avoid the challenges.

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Waste management planning and optimisation

Utilise our holistic planning and optimisation of the whole lifecycle of waste, from origin to final disposal, to achieve lower total decommissioning cost.

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Liquid waste treatment

Our NURES® liquid waste treatment solutions enable you to purify the liquids from operational and decommissioning phases and bind all of the radioactivity into solid filters, ready for final disposal.

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Owner operator perspective

As owner operators of nuclear power plants as well as repositories, we truly understand the challenges of our clients and are able to draw from our experience in a broader way than most other service providers.

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Decommissioning waste management is the key to a successful decommissioning project. Fortum has unique knowledge of treatment and handling of activated and contaminated nuclear waste. Based on our experience on operational waste, decommissioning waste, the treatment of liquid waste and nuclear waste disposal, we can help you optimise the waste management of your decommissioning project.

The waste management competences related to decommissioning contain for instance:

  • Planning and optimisation of waste routes and waste packing
  • Sampling and activity inventory calculations
  • Waste characterisation
  • Waste packing and logistics
  • Final disposal
  • Safety analyses
  • Liquid waste treatment with NURES®
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NURES® – Liquid Waste Treatment

Customisable solutions for purification of radioactive liquid waste through use of highly selective ion exchange materials.

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