O&M services for Ineos refinery and petrochemical plants, Grangemouth, UK

Fortum's Grangemouth project is a combination of design, construction and project management experience with expertise on operation and maintenance, asset management and energy trading.

Power plant and trees

Project description

Grangemouth power plant, commissioned in 2001, has power generation capacity of 145 megawatts (MW) and heat generation capacity of 257 MW. It provides electricity and steam to INEOS’ petrochemical operations. Excess electricity is sold to the National Grid. Fortum has continued to provide operation and maintenance (O&M) services at the power plant after plant's divestment to INEOS.

Under the O&M contract Fortum has been responsible for:

  • A detailed design review
  • Staff mobilisation and training
  • Day-to-day management and operation
  • Expert support services

Fortum’s contribution to the project:

  • Close cooperation with the customer Ineos
  • Common control room and office
  • Adaptation of BP/Ineos site regulations
  • Wide utilisation of site services

Customer benefits:

  • Flexible operation of the plant according to Ineos site requirements
  • Good safety performance, e.g. RoSPA Golden Award for Occupational Safety in several consecutive years 
  • ISO 9001/9002, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 Certificates 


Until 2014 the plant owner was Grangemouth CHP Ltd, where Fortum's ownership was 100%. The most important issues for the plant owner were:

  • High plant availability - operational time availability: (tgdE) 97.5% 2011–2014 (average)
  • High plant efficiency: 87.0% 2011–2014 (average)
  • Small multi-skilled team: Total number of staff 21 (during Fortum's ownership), plant operation, daily maintenance, outage planning and contracting, energy (fuel and power) contracts management and commercial issues


Power Plant: Gas-fired combined heat and power (CHP)
Location: Grangemouth, United Kingdom
Power output: 145MWe / 257 MWth
Commercial operation: April 2001
Customer: Grangemouth CHP Ltd, (owner INEOS Industries Holdings Ltd, since autumn 2014 after Fortum divestment).
Project duration: 1998–2014, O&M contract continues
Services: Design review, project development, equity investment, energy trading, power turn-key contractor, operation & maintenance (O&M), ongoing O&M contract since 1998.

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