​A consistent treatment of links is critical to enable high usability. It is recommended to use links in separate web parts. If the link is part of the body text place the link with arrow icon. A secondary link with lower priority are styled as grey underlined text. It is mainly used in in the header and footer areas.

On start pages style is different compared to rest of the site content. There are variation of link styles on those pages.

Basic link styles


​Default Details​ ​Hover ​Details
Link-style.JPG ​Arial 12 px, #377a6c Link-style-hover.jpg
​#eb6437, underline
Link-style-secondary.JPG ​Arial 11 px, #999999, underline Link-style-secondary-hover.jpg

​#F08C00, underline

Log-in-2.JPG ​Arial 13 px, #eb6437 Log-in-hover-2.JPG ​ #eb6437, underline