Images on Content site



Banner image options​ ​

​Option 1

Production size:1320 x 500 px
Browsing size: 660 x 250 px 

​Option 2

Production size:1320 x 840 px
Browsing size: 660 x 420 px 

Note: If text is added to the image prefer HTML5 format.

Image on body text area

If used retina size imgaes follow the grid and followig sizes: 
​Column Production size (px)​ Browsing size (px)​
​1 column 400 px x h px 200 px x h px
​2 columns 860 px x h px 430 px x h px
​3 columns 1320 px x h px 660 px x h px
​4 columns 1780 px x h px 890 px x h px
​5 columns 2240 px x h px 1120 px x h px