Content images

Images on cntent area can be actual browser size or retina quality. In both cases follow the grid:

​If used retina quality images on body text area, follow the grid because of the responsive design: ​ Production size​ (px) ​Browser size (px)
​1 column ​400 x h ​200 x h
​2 cloumns ​860 x h ​430 x h
​3 columns ​1320 x h ​660 x h
​4 columns ​1780 x h ​890 x h
​5 columns (Target site only) ​2240 x h ​1120 x h

Photographic images and portraits

All photographic images should be consistent with the guidelines for photographs described in the graphic guidelines for our brand. Background of the image should be white or one of Fortum brand colours.

Note: If there are several pictures of contact persons on the same page, then all the pictures should use coherent background colour. The whole head and the shoulders should be visible.
  • Size: follow the grid
  • Retina size image is double of the size that will be displayed on the page