​The images enhance the user’s experience, increase conversions, and improve visual appeal. Photographs play an important role in reflecting our brand personality. Prefer having people in the images in their ganuine environment and natural daily situations. Each photograph should tell its own story - the reason why it was taken. It is also important to remember that quantity never replaces quality: better no photograph than a bad photograph.

Photographic genres


Call to action

Happy, energetic and customer friendly. Images of people should show them in a positive way. Photography with simple, strong themes and compositions with enough “air” around people works best.

Fortum world

The photography of Fortum world shows the products and the pride that comes from working at Fortum. Emphasize the leading position in clean energy with green surroundings and nature or by showing the latest green technology.

Conceptual images

Conceptual images are photos of ideas. Make them witty and inspiring. Favour simple compositions, crispy lighting, a neutral background with strong colour in the focus.

Colour balance and richness of tones

The colour palette derived from Fortum’s colour chart should be visible as much as possible, especially green tones, yet keeping the tones natural and fresh. Colours can be adjusted towards the colour palette in post production. Note that the colourful corner element bring colour to compositions, so leave enough light and air into images to avoid colour overkill.

Options to avoid visual chaos:

1) Use strong colours 30:70 with light and neutral colours
2) Use only 1-3 strong colours in one image
3) Changes in depth of field can be utilized to create balance


The stories should present a forward-going and optimistic mindset. The gestures and reactions of people, however, should always be natural and believable. Settings should not be over-arranged. People appearing in photographs should have a genuine, personal look and be used to standing in front of a camera. Diversity of models (age, gender, nationality) should be promoted.