Retina quality

​Our sites are fully responsive and look good in mobile as well as in very large screens when "retina" quality images are used.

When to to use retina quality images?

  • Retina images should be used on the pages that should shine visually - the latest devices have sharp screens that will display non-retina images blurred, as out-of-focus. Important images are for example front page images and banners
  • Non-retina images should be used for less critical pages, or when a page contains a lot of images - simply to reduce the download size of the page
Retina quality requires 4x size images. To get the best possible quality also with the ultra-high definition (UHD/4K) smart screens the banners and other screen wide images should be retina size:
  • Double the width and double the height of the image shown on wide desk top screen
  • The dpi is no longer a valid measure for quality with retina (high) resolution screens.
  • Images must always be saved for "web and devices" mode


If text is used in banners keep in mind that text must be readable also in mobile phones. If a lot of text is used the HTML5 format for banners and images is recommended.