Browsers and devices

​End user browsing should support at least the following browsers, according to a graded scale A, and B.

The site is tested with A-grade browsers for:

  • Functionality: Navigation, forms etc. work as they should
  • User interface: General UI layout is intact and everything is in its place
  • Visual details: Implemented as designed, the look and feel is “pixel perfect”
  • Popular browser extension Firefox Adblock Plus

Browsers (A):

  • Chrome latest version
  • IE 11
  • Firefox latest version
  • Safari latest version

The site is tested with B-grade browsers for:

  • Functionality
  • User interface
Browsers (B)
  • Chrome the previous major version
  • Safari the previous major version
  • Firefox the previous major version
  • IE9


  • iPhone 5, 6, 7
  • iPad
  • iPad Air or Mini
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 & 4
Always check your local site's Snoobi or Google Analytics statistics to define the latest devices and browsers that you need to test your content with.