Target page

Target page, which contains 4 columns, is stretched to fill 5 columns wide (each of the four columns is 217/257 px wide). Note that the space between the webzones is 31-30-31. To get a professional user experience the manual liftups should look good and should have similar "look and feel" with the banner image.

Grid of the Target page:



Layout of the Target page. Desktop is almost the same as wide desktop, only smaller


 Layout of the Target page on Tablet view:


Layout of the Target page on mobile view:




Important: The manual lift-ups that are located on the second row, change shape. Thus images that have their focus point on the right side of the image are recommended as the left side is overlapped with the links and their background image. Note also that the description text under the image is not shown in mobile.





Wireframes for the mobile view: