Spotlight :: The Customer Journey

15 March 2019

Here we highlight the emphasis that we are place on the customer journey at Fortum Charge & Drive, with Elise Aalberg Thorvaldsen, Customer Journey Manager.

Elise Aalberg Thorvaldsen, Customer Journey Manager

The most core element of any EV charging service is the customer and the customer experience, whether from the physical charging equipment from OEMs, the methods used to start, stop, and pay for charging sessions, to the growing needs of our business partners and housing associations. 

“The purpose of our team is to improve, simplify, and develop the customer journey based on understanding, research, and analysis,” explains Elise Aalberg Thorvaldsen, Customer Journey Manager at Fortum Charge & Drive. “Our team is future-oriented and has systematic cooperation with B2B and B2C functions. Our objective is to make sure that our customers have a good experience at all touch points, meaning they get the right information at the right time, and the service they get from our sales and customer care continues to be top-notch and further developed. We perform research in the field and with digital tools to better understand how we can serve our customers, whether they are business or consumer relationship.” 

The customer journey team at Fortum Charge & Drive helps builds trust, so we can be certain that our customers are confident using our products and services anytime, anywhere.