Spotlight :: High Power Charging at ABC

30 April 2019

Finland's first High Power Charger can be found at the ABC service station in Lohja. We talked with Tiina Vehmala-Viksten, Development Director, ABC, about EV charging and what additional services ABC has for drivers.

Tiina Vehmala-Viksten, Development Director, ABC

The High Power Charging (HPC) corridor connecting the Nordic capitals of Helsinki, Stockholm, and Oslo, was completed early this spring with the opening of the HPC station in Västerås, Sweden. In January this year, Fortum Charge & Drive took a road-trip with a Hyundai Kona to visit the sites of our HPC stations along the corridor. 

The HPC station in Lohja, Finland, is located at an ABC service station.  Situated along a major highway, the charging station is ideal for those travelling from Helsinki to Turku, and in addition to the HPC charger, there are fast and semi-fast chargers in the same location.  As described by Tiina Vehmala-Viiksten, Development Director at ABC, the service station itself is an ideal place to spend time, complete with children's play areas, restaurants, supermarket, and shops. Like she says in the video, even when things don't quite go according to plan, building snowmen at an EV charging station like the ABC in Lohja can end up being the best part of a vacation!