Spotlight :: Steam Hotel, Västerås

15 May 2019

Steam Hotel Västerås is a masterpiece of design and attention to detail, with a strong focus on sustainability. The parking garage is equipped with EV chargers and there are short-term EV parking spaces immediately outside the front door. The hotel even offers lifts to and from the train station in an EV!

My Öhrn, Hotel Manager of Steam Hotel in Västerås

The Steam Hotel in Västerås gets its name from the steam power plant that it occupies. The steam power plant on the shore of Lake Mälaren once powered large parts of Sweden, and has now been renovated into a breathtakingly beautiful hotel and spa, suitable for both conferences and holidays. 

Fortum Charge & Drive opened a HPC (high power charging) station in Västerås earlier this year, and as such the city was one of the destinations on our road trip through the Nordics. The hotel really is incredible, one of those "you have to see it to believe it" -type of places. Sustainability has been at the core of their operations since the beginning - from ingenious heat capturing solutions to purchasing an EV to offer customers rides to and from the train station. 

The hotel has a parking garage nearby with a large amount of AC chargers available. There are a few Tesla destination chargers and one Type 2 charger directly outside their front door, and the staff is happy to help you with any questions you have regarding EV charging in the vicinity. 

If you are heading through Sweden with your EV or looking for a delightful venue for a conference or holiday, the Steam Hotel in Västerås should be at the top of your list of "must see" destinations. Our HPC charger located near the McDonald's in Västerås will also keep you on the road if you're just passing through. 

HPC Station in Västerås

HPC station in Västerås, Sweden