Video: EVs in the Arctic

25 April 2019

We went north of the Arctic Circle to test drive EVs and organize the northernmost drive-in cinema ever!

EVs in the Arctic

Ever wonder what it would be like to drive EVs some 1025km north of Helsinki, around 130km north of the Arctic Circle, surrounded deep snow, to watch Mission Impossible in a drive-in theater? Well, we found out!

Around 50 Tesla Club Finland members drove to the Levi ski resort this April to enjoy the Arctic's late winter snow and sunshine. The club organized an opportunity for those interested to test drive their EVs on the Porsche Ice Track, an ice-track constructed on top of a swamp where you can test handling in winter conditions. 

We heard from different businesses and universities about EV initiatives in the north, and were able to test drive Aurora's electric snowmobiles in the breathtaking surroundings of Tonttula, or Elves Village, a picturesque holiday village a few kilometers from the Levi ski resort. We were joined by "Tesla Bjorn" Nyland, from Norway, and the wonderful winners of our Nordic EV competition drove up from Umeå, Sweden, to join in the activities. 

The weekend was crowned with the the northernmost EV drive-in in the world! An audience of Teslas, Leafs, Audi e-Trons, and a few plug-in hybrids enjoyed watching Mission Impossible, Fallout, in an outdoor drive-in surrounded by deep snowbanks. The audio for the film was transmitted on a radio frequency, and the viewers remained warm in the comfort of their EVs. 

The Arctic weekend illustrated that electric vehicles are not just great winter cars, they are also a lot of fun! Our EV charging network extends through the Arctic, making winter road-trips and skiing holidays a real possibility for EV drivers today. 

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