Virtual Panels for Simulator Control Rooms

Give your plant personnel a fast, flexible and easy-to-use simulator interface at low costs - Fortum Virtual Panels for nuclear power plants.

Virtual Panel

Significant cost savings, compared to traditional panels

Fortum Virtual Panels are interactive touch screens to simulate your hard-wired Human Machine Interface (HMI). Virtual Panels can freely be configured to match any control panels at your plant. They are easily connected to APROS or other process simulation platforms. 

With Fortum Virtual Panels, you have no need or dozens or hundreds of expensive mechanical components in your simulator HMI. We use carefully chosen stock touch screens and support structures in combination with our unique interface software. We have saved millions by using virtual panels on a full scope simulator in our own Loviisa NPP, Finland. 

Key benefits for the customer

  • Cost effective (up to 80% savings) compared to hard-wired panels

  • Fast to build - short design & installation time 

  • Easy to change - no wiring needed (only software) 

  • Maximized software availability with our sophisticated IT architecture 

With these components, we can tailor the best solution for you

  • Virtual Panel Software
  • Connection to process simulator 
  • Panel layout configuration 
  • Touch screens
  • Tools for making layout changes
  • Mounting solution 
  • Panel platform SW&HW
  • Training
  • User and technical support

For more information:

Toni Salminen
Sales Manager, Apros Nuclear & VR
Tel: +358 400 519 650
[email protected]

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