NNF Nordic Nuclear Forum

Welcome to meet us at Nordic Nuclear Forum 2022 on 7–8 June!

Pikku Finlandia,
Helsinki, Finland

Fortum and Uniper are combining forces to have experts available for discussions at
Nordic Nuclear Forum 2022.
Meet us on 7–8 June in Helsinki and come learn more about:

SMRs as part of nuclear future

How to make Small Modular Reactor (SMR) deployments a reality?

Register now to a Nordic Nuclear Forum 2022 pre-webinar on SMR's on 25 May, 2022

In this pre-webinar, we discuss the future of small modular reactors (SMR's), share the latest developments and our insights on how we see the future of SMR's at Fortum.
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Consultation services for SMRs

We have years of expertise from different stages of nuclear newbuilds and has been at the forefront of studying the possibilities of small modular reactors (SMR). We are happy to support you with our expertise in gaining a better understanding of the technology or help you get started with your SMR project.

SMR Consultation services

Small modular reactors – nuclear power’s new flexible generation

Nuclear power is a future energy form that is constantly developing, and small modular reactors are an example of the latest innovations in the sector. In the long-term, small modular reactors can be an efficient tool in combating climate change and in bringing the needed flexibility to electricity production for the increasingly electrifying society.

More about SMRs
detail from nuclear power plant

Nuclear Power

Nuclear power plays an important role in clean energy production. As a reliable, CO2-free energy source, it helps satisfy today’s electricity needs and improve security of supply while mitigating climate change. Over its lifecycle, nuclear power has a carbon footprint as low as wind, hydro and solar power.

More about Nuclear Power
Nuclear power

We offer services for the whole life-cycle of nuclear power plants

Anni Jaarinen

Anni Jaarinen

Head of Nuclear Services
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