Benefits of district heating

Get to know the benefits of district heating
Benefits of district heating

Co-generation makes district heat more environmentally sound.The majority of district heat is produced jointly, i.e. the thermal energy released from power production is used for producing district heat. If power has to be produced in separate plants, fuel consumption is higher and emissions increase. In both joint or separate production, centralised heat production is always more environmentally sound than everyone heating their property on their own. Choose district heating – you will make a difference and help the environment!

Stable price

The price of district heating has remained stable and competitive in comparison to other forms of heating.


The delivery reliability of district heating is almost 99.8%. In case of disruptions, we will always serve you by telephone and via the Internet.

Certainly safe

Service water is always of the right temperature and radiators do not over-heat.

Easy and hassle-free

You can conveniently forget how your house is heated. There is enough warm water for all bathers and you need not order district heating separately.

Heat quality ensured

We carry out commissioning and final inspection to ensure correct heat quality and functionality of district heating equipment.

Information concerning heat consumption

We measure heat consumption using remotely readable meters. You can monitor your energy consumption in the online service. You will get an annual Forecast Report free of charge.

District heating equipment needs little space

Technical facility floor area costs money: fortunately, district heating equipment only takes up about
1–2 square metres in a one-family house.

You get the best service

Our goal is to have customers who are happy with district heating. We make sure that your property will be sufficiently heated in any weather. When you need help, contact us by phone at 0200 19000 Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. or e-mail

District heating increases property value

District heating makes for more comfortable living and is a care-free heating solution for the buyer. Property with district heating is sold faster and the value increase of the property is steady." Sari Lallukka, sales agent, REMAX.