Grow smarter

GrowSmarter vision is to transforming cities for a smart, sustainable Europe. This will be possible by implementing 12 ‘smart solutions’, solutions designed to meet the three pillars of sustainability: economic, social and environmental concerns. GrowSmarter brings together cities and industry to integrate and demonstrate solutions in energy, infrastructure and transport, to provide other cities with valuable insights on how they work in practice and opportunities for replication.

Fortum participate in GrowSmarter with solutions concerning three important areas for the transition towards a sustainable future:

  1. Solutions for recovery of excess heat - Open District Heatning
  2. Zero emission transportation infrastructure - Charge & Drive @home
  3. Customer support for a more flexible household electricity usage - Home, smart home

Within the GrowSmarter project more than 20 industrial partners contribute with smart technologies related to energy, mobility and infrastructure, solutions that are being implemented in chosen sites; Stockholm, Barcelona and Köln. The idea behind the GrowSmarter initiative is to create business cases to for a market roll out in the Follower Cities and the rest of Europe.
The project in Stockholm will focus towards an existing urban district built in the 60s.  

Open District Heating® - recovering of waste heat in StockholmHeat recovery from fridges and freezers in a supermarket. Heat recovery in a data center. The data room is cooled by a water based cooling circuit.

Open District Heating makes it possible to turn cost into revenue when recovering waste heat to the district heating system, heat that otherwise would be lost (via cooling towers for example) to the atmosphere. Waste heat is abundant in cities but rarely used. Data centers and shopping malls with many freezers and coolers, generate lots of excess heat which is often costly to get rid of. The total potential for heat recovery in Stockholm is estimated to 1 TWh annually.

Selected focus areas within GrowSmarter -  data centres and supermarkets

In Grow Smarter heat recovery equipment will be installed in a data center in order to recover heat from the cooling process of a datacenter to the district heating system. The recovered heat during one year from a 1 MW data center could in this way warm up approx. 800 standard apartments (including tap water).
A second demonstration will be an installation of heat recovery equipment in a supermarket in order to recover heat from the cooling process of fridges and freezers in the store. The recovered heat during one year from a 200 kW supermarket could in this way warm up approx. 160 standard apartments (including tap water).

Charge & Drive @home

Charge & Drive is Fortum’s solution for the EV-charging infrastructure. As one of the leading solutions used in the Nordic countries for public charging infrastructure, the installation within the GrowSmarter framework will help expand the Charge & Drive network of EV-chargers.
Charge & Drive’s cloud based smart charger system provides an easy to use and easy to maintain solution for destination charging. It gives the owner of the charger full control and the freedom to choose an appropriate service level, including solutions for a fair distribution of costs or optimization of power loads within the property’s electricity contract.

Home, smart home

Within the Stockholm Royal Seaport, the construction of a new city district, Fortum is participating with a project called The Active House, which includes smart plugs that can turn off machines in stand-by mode or switch off lights when they aren't used, smart thermostats as well as smart appliances that can be set to even out consumption in an intermittent energy system.
The purpose however is to monitor which behavioral changes increased awareness of your energy consumption will lead to by installing a tablet that shows how much electricity they’re using, how much it costs and how much carbon dioxide the usage is generating – right now or on a yearly basis. In the GrowSmarter project at Valla torg it would be a costly affair for the tenants to incorporate all parts into the existing premises. Focus will be on the behavioral changes, hence will the apartments in the project be equipped with the energy consumption monitoring tablet.