CHP plant in Naantali in Finland

Combined heat and power (CHP)

In Europe we generate energy in 23 combined heat and power plants and in several heating plants in seven countries. In Sweden our heat business is run by Fortum Värme samägt med Stockholms stad, in which the city of Stockholm owns a 50% share. The core business of the company is to generate and provide district heating in the regions of Stockholm.

In Russia Fortum operates in the well-developed industrial regions of the Urals and western Siperia where it is the leading district heating supplier. Heat is produced mainly in combined heat and power plants and additionally with heat boilers.

In heat generation, we utilise a diverse range of energy sources. We aim to increase the amount of biomass fuels used in heat generation and to improve their utilisation in our new power plants. Our own advanced technology enables the use of biomass fuel in heat production.

Fortum is a forerunner in the environmentally benign combined heat and power generation. In combined generation almost 90% of the energy can be utilised. The heat generated during the power production is utilised to heat the district heating water or it is used as steam needed in industrial processes. Combined generation reduces environmental emissions 25-40%.