Bio2X: high-value products from biomass

Today, industrial production is in a significant transition. Industries everywhere are shifting away from fossil-based, linear production towards renewable materials and circular economy. The leading product manufacturers are reinventing their businesses, looking for sustainable alternatives that are based on renewable feedstocks.

The purpose of Bio2X is to support this transition. We have developed a new kind of biorefinery concept where underutilized biomasses are given a second life as high-value raw materials for a wide range of industries.

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What we do

The second generation (2G) biorefineries utilize lignocellulosic feedstocks as raw material. The 2G biorefineries of Bio2X enable the conversion of non-wood lignocellulosic feedstocks – straw and bamboo – into novel, high-value raw materials for a wide range of industries.

Our products

Our innovative product portfolio consists of raw materials valorized from lignocellulosic biomass: cellulose pulp, lignin, and biochemicals.

In comparison to conventional material options, these biobased raw materials can significantly improve the sustainability of the end applications.

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Biorefinery projects and facilities

We are currently moving towards a commercial scale with two biorefinery projects, one in India and one in Europe.

The biorefinery concept has been proven on a pilot scale at the Chempolis pilot plant in Finland. The pilot plant provides samples for customer testing in different target applications.

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What makes us unique

We want to become the leading producer of non-wood bio-based raw materials. Our approach is unique due to the combination of non-wood feedstock, organosolv fractionation technology, and highly collaborative ways of working with industries and R&D institutes.

Raw materials

The lignocellulosic biomass is sourced locally near the biorefineries from sustainably available sources including residual straws and bamboo.

With organosolv fractionation technology, the biomass is converted into high-quality biomaterials with high material efficiency and low environmental footprint.

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The core of the Bio2X biorefinery concept is the formico® organosolv fractionation technology developed by Chempolis.

Lignin, cellulose and hemicellulose are separated with high yield and purity, enabling their usage for various applications.

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Close collaboration with industry players, technology providers and research institutes has already proven the usability of our raw materials in several applications.

With our strong R&D network, we are capable of meeting both current and emerging demands for innovative applications.

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Contact us

Heli Antila

Vice President, Biobased Solutions
heli [dot] antila [at] fortum [dot] com