Fortum SmartLiving

Fortum SmartLiving provides a smarter future for real estates in district heating area in Espoo, Kauniainen and Kirkkonummi in Finland.

SmartLiving services help you to optimize heat consumption and take care of your property. You can choose from: Heating Optimization, Consumption Monitoring and Metering Services. Click for more information in Finnish underneath.

Find a new, smart way to heat your property - always with comfort in mind

SmartLiving Heating Optimization

With this service you will optimize your heating, improve the energy efficiency and indoor air quality of your property. You will ensure even temperatures between the apartments and reduce heating costs.

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Monitor electricity, heat and water consumption of your building

SmartLiving Consumption Monitoring

This service increases the awareness of the housing association's representatives and residents about the consumption of electricity, water and heat in the building. The follow-up is very easy with a monthly e-mail report about the consumption, trends and costs.

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Prompt response in the fault situation can save significant costs

SmartLiving Metering Services

The service provides useful information about apartment temperatures and humidity as a basis for housing association´s decision-making.
Residents can see their own data and summary information of the building from the mobile app. Representatives  of housing company can see more detailed information from their own user interface.

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