Carbon2x - Recycled materials from waste


Fortum launches a ground-breaking pilot project – aims to produce new materials from the CO2 emissions of waste incineration
Carbon2x background


Every year, Europeans generate nearly 100 million tonnes of unrecycled waste that is turned into energy. Incineration is an important part of the current waste management system. But we can do even better. We at Fortum believe that all carbon belongs in circulation. This means that also emissions are turned into new raw materials​. To do this at scale, we need to rethink CO2 in recycling. Our solution: Carbon2x.

Fortum’s objective is to reuse, recycle and utilize as much of the waste stream as possible.

According to our estimate, the Carbon2x programme could help improve the recycling rate of plastic packaging significantly. By adopting the concept at a large scale, the recycling rate of plastic packaging in Finland can be doubled compared to the current level by 2030 – simultaneously, 90% of the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere can be captured and absorbed into products.


Fortum Carbon2x: Rethinking CO2

Key benefits of Carbon2x

Circular economy

Carbon2x increases the circulation of materials by complementing mechanical recycling. There will ​always be materials that cannot be recycled – at all or anymore. As they are used as energy, Carbon2x captures the CO2 released in incineration and turns it into new raw materials.

Energy production
New sustainable materials

Carbon2x turns waste into valuable feedstock for new products​, such as high-quality plastic than could be used for food and pharmaceutical packaging. This has not been possible with mechanically recycled plastic due to hygiene reasons.

Climate and resources
Climate action

Carbon2x enables a lower carbon footprint by capturing and recycling carbon (CCU) from waste incineration. It can help decarbonize hundreds of waste-to-energy plants in Europe alone.

Rethinking CO2

Carbon capture and utilization will have a significant role in mitigating climate change and promoting circular economy. Carbon2x enables the use of waste as energy and molecular level recycling without emissions.

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Fortum launches a new pilot project

Fortum is launching a pilot at its waste incineration plant in Riihimäki with the aim of capturing the plant’s CO2 emissions and utilizing them as raw materials in the production of new high-quality materials such as plastic.

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