Fact sheets

Information on topical issues at Fortum.

Fortum – Clean energy architect for data centres

Our mission is to move towards a cleaner world together. Advancing digitalisation and reducing emissions from energy production are significant steps towards this goal. That’s why we want to enable new data centres to be located in the Nordic countries.

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Fortum's opera­tions in India

Fortum's operations in India are focused on solar power. We have four solar power plants in India: Amrit, Kapeli, Bhadla and Pavagada. We have also agreed with NBCC on developing electric vehicle charging infrastructure across India, and have some R&D projects going on.

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Research and innovations for a cleaner world

The purpose of Fortum's research and innovation activities is to improve Fortum's competitiveness and to create a basis for new profitable businesses.

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Country fact sheets

We are one of the cleanest energy producers in Europe. Our core opera­tions in the Nordics comprise approx­i­mately 5 000 profes­sionals.

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Fortum and coal

The use of coal in energy production needs to be discontinued, and we are working towards that. And in places where we still use coal, we do so efficiently and responsibly.

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Fortum in Russia

After the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine war, Fortum has stopped all new investment projects in Russia and is not providing any new financing to its Russian subsidiaries. Fortum is in the process of imple­menting a controlled exit from the Russian market, with potential divest­ments of its Russian opera­tions as the preferred path.

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