Reporting structure

Fortum's segment reporting is based to match the new business structure and strategy launched in 2023. From the beginning of 2023, Fortum's reportable segments are Generation, Consumer Solutions and Other Operations.

Generation segment

The Generation segment will include the Hydro Generation, Nuclear Generation, Corporate Customers and Markets and Renewables and Decarbonisation business units. 

Generation is responsible for power generation mainly in the Nordics. The segment comprises CO2-free hydro, nuclear, wind and solar power generation, as well as district heating and cooling, and decarbonisation of heat production assets. The Generation segment is responsible for hedging and value creation both in physical and financial power markets and is a customer interface for industrial and municipal customers to drive decarbonisation of industries and provide clean energy at scale. Furthermore, the business develops capabilities and projects in renewables and nuclear and explores clean hydrogen.

Consumer Solutions segment

The Consumer Solutions segment includes the Consumer Solutions business unit. Consumer Solutions is responsible for offering energy solutions to consumers including small- and medium-sized enterprises, predominantly in the Nordics and Poland. Fortum is the largest energy solutions provider across different brands in the Nordics, with over two million customers. The business provides electricity, as well as related value-added and digital services, mainly to retail customers.

Other Operations segment

The Other Operations segment includes the Circular Solutions business, which is responsible for operating, maintaining and developing Fortum’s recycling and waste assets, as well as turbine and generator services and biobased solutions. The Other Operations segment also comprises innovation and venturing activities, enabling functions and corporate management.

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