Remote monitoring and diagnostics for turbines and generators

Automated remote monitoring with a real-time data stream enables instant reaction to abnormal operational situations and anomalies of turbines and generators, decreasing downtime as well as maintenance and overhaul costs efficiently. The safe and secure cloud-based solution is easy to take into use.

Remote monitoring of turbines and generators

Remote monitoring of turbine island prevents unplanned downtime

A failure of a turbine or generator often comes as an unexpected and unwelcome surprise for the operator. What’s more, if the right spare parts are not readily available, the resulting downtime can be significantly prolonged and lead to significant production losses, where the cost of unavailability easily rises very high.

Fortum has developed the remote monitoring service to be able to identify and react instantly to abnormal operational situations and anomalies of turbines and generators. Automated remote monitoring with a real-time data stream captures valuable operational, vibration and electrical data from a local power plant, and transfers it to experts at our remote support centre for monitoring and analysis without delay. The experts' accurate, fast and proactive responses to early fault indications and performance deteriorations decrease unplanned downtime and repair needs, thus decreasing maintenance and overhaul costs.

Remote Monitoring use cases

Condition-based maintenance of turbines and generators at its best

By identifying early signs of faults and disturbances, and setting up alerts if values fall outside of the expected range, it is possible to gain time to react and plan proactive measures before equipment failure. Should a sudden issue nevertheless occur, the available data helps our experts find the root cause without delay, and without unnecessary travelling and extensive on-site measurements. This means lower maintenance costs for our customers, as they only need to pay for the concrete work done by the experts.

The remote turbines and generator condition monitoring can help power producers prevent unplanned downtimes, equipment failures and performance degradation. In addition to minimising risks this way, the results can also be seen in optimised overhaul timings and shorter overhaul duration. All this not only brings savings in costs but also increased peace of mind.

Basic package - Process data monitoring and analysis

  • Remote connection to data enables fast support from the remote support centre and expert network
  • 20 hours of expert support annually included
  • Ideal for small-sized municipal utilities

Advanced package - Process and vibration data monitoring and analysis

  • Monitoring process and vibration data enables fast remote support as well as proactive maintenance planning and performance optimisation
  • Periodic reporting and 60 hours of expert support annually included
  • Ideal for small- and medium-sized municipal utilities

Maximum package - Process, vibration and electrical data monitoring and analysis

  • Monitoring of process, vibration, and generator electrical data enables comprehensive condition monitoring and O&M optimisation of the turbine island
  • Periodic reporting and 100 hours of expert support annually included
  • Ideal for large utilities and industrial power plants

Remote Monitoring is a natural part of a Long-Term Service Agreement

Remote monitoring service is a natural extension of a long-term service agreement for turbines and generators. Long-term service agreements are specially designed to handle maintenance activities of turbines and generators throughout the equipment lifetime, ensuring the continuity of your turbine island operations in the most optimal way.

Remote monitoring service offers numerous benefits:

  • Check Fast response and instant support from expert network
  • Check Long-term operational trends and KPI follow-up
  • Check Early detection of failures
  • Check Proactive maintenance and performance optimisation measures
  • Check Minimising unavailability, maintenance time and cost
  • Check Optimising both maintenance intervals and duration

Watch a video on our approach to servicing rotating equipment involving continuous and real-time condition monitoring of the equipment

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