Ash recycling

A waste-to-energy plant is no longer the end point for materials. With our innovative technology, we process fly and bottom ash to recover raw materials from waste-to-energy residues as well as other industrial residues and return the recovered materials, metals and minerals, back into circulation.

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As an energy and circular economy company, we offer advanced expertise for all waste streams related to energy production.

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Innovative R&D

We use novel technologies and develop our recycling processes to make products that meet environmental and technical requirements.

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Built-in sustainability

We help you to reduce the CO2 emissions and to be part of the transition from the linear economy towards the circular economy.

Transforming waste streams back into raw materials with a low CO2 footprint

Our mission is to transform waste streams back to raw materials and we aim to close the loop in the waste-to-energy process. Our ash recycling solutions reduce CO2 emissions and boost material efficiency, while enabling a circular economy for non-recyclable waste through safe and sustainable material recovery.


Our ash recycling solutions

Fly ash recycling

Fly ash is a hazardous by-product of the incineration in waste-to-energy power plants. We provide versatile solutions to process and recover raw materials from industrial fly ash.

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Bottom ash recycling

A waste-to-energy plant is not the end point for materials. We process the bottom ash from incineration to recover materials, such as critical metals and minerals so they can be put back into circulation and into end-products.

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Fortum Gravo®

Fortum Gravo products are CE-marked aggregate-like products for filtration and sub-base layers. Produced from waste-to-energy plants’ bottom ash, Fortum Gravo is a circular economy solution for civil engineering structures.

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Customer case

Refining of ash accelerates climate goal achievement

Fortum and circular economy company Westenergy are developing waste-to-energy solutions to be even better for the environment. Fortum's new ash refining method significantly reduces the carbon dioxide emissions from Westenergy’s operations.

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