Products and solutions

The Bio2X product portfolio consists of non-wood cellulose pulp (paper grade, dissolving grade), sulfur-free organosolv lignin, and biochemicals (furfural, acetic acid, ethanol).

image of lignocellulosic fractions

Cellulose pulp

The organosolv cooking method separates cellulose from other fractions into high-quality pulp that is further modified into paper-grade and dissolving pulp. The low environmental impact combined with its agricultural origin makes straw pulp an ideal product to highlight sustainability and to improve brand image.


Paper grade pulp

Bio2X’s bleached paper grade pulp is easy to refine and has attractive brightness. Thanks to the organosolv cooking method, our pulp has a short fiber length. The bleaching method is Totally Chlorine Free (TCF).

Straw-based paper grade pulp fits especially for:

  • Tissue
  • Board
  • Specialty papers
  • Molded fiber products
  • Composites




Dissolving pulp

With the planned biorefinery in Central Europe, Bio2X will be the world's first straw-based dissolving pulp producer on a commercial scale. The organosolv cooking method yields highly pure dissolving pulp, the properties of which can be adjusted depending on the customer needs.

Straw-based dissolving pulp fits especially for:

  • Man-made cellulosic fibers, e.g., textiles and nonwovens
  • Specialty papers
  • Specialty fibers
  • Cellulose derivatives




Bio2X straw-based lignin is of high purity, non-toxic and essentially free of smell, thanks to the organosolv production process where no sulfur is used. The mild conditions of the organosolv process yield lignin that retains many of its natural biopolymer properties. A reduced particle size and an adjustable pH value ensure advanced processability and enable further end-use applications.

Bio2X lignin is an ideal substitute for fossil-based raw materials, such as phenol or polyols in resins and adhesives. It can also be used as an additive in polymers.


The hemicellulose fraction is processed further into furfural. This process also produces acetic acid. Ethanol is produced from the cellulose fraction in the Indian biorefinery.


Furfural is a biochemical with a bright future as a replacement for many chemicals that are currently fossil-based. Furfural and its derivatives, such as furfuryl alcohol, can be used in a variety of industrial and fine chemical applications:

  • Fine and specialty chemicals
  • Resins, polymers
  • Solvents
  • Paints and coatings
  • Flavoring agents
  • Agrochemicals


Acetic acid

Acetic acid has applications as a base chemical in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, homecare, cosmetics and textile industry.


Bioethanol is the main product in the Indian biorefinery. The cellulose fraction of bamboo feedstock is processed into ethanol, serving the sustainability targets for fuels in India.