Fortum Gravo® - Recycled Bottom Ash

Fortum Gravo products are CE-marked aggregate-like products for filtration and sub-base layers. Produced from waste-to-energy plants’ bottom ash, Fortum Gravo offers a circular economy solution for civil engineering structures.

Fortum Gravo is a recycled aggregate-like product from the bottom ash recycling process, available in qualities of 0/2 and 0/16 for filtration layers and 0/32 for sub-base layers. Fortum Gravo is a suitable material for traditional earth construction methods and can be utilised with a notification (MARA Decree) in paved structures in Finland, without an environmental permit. Our flexible sorting units and in-house processes enable us to tailor Fortum Gravo to meet customers’ specific needs and requirements. Currently Fortum Gravo is produced and available in Finland.

Benefits in using Fortum Gravo®

Mass market tested

Fortum Gravo products are CE-marked and can be used with notification in paved structures in Finland.

Environmental construction
Technical benefits

The high thermal resistance of Fortum Gravo products can reduce the amount of materials required in lower stressed structures.

Recycled materials
Environmental benefits

Recycled bottom ash is a sustainable solution to replace the use of natural rocks and to reduce CO2 emissions.

Pilot projects

The use of Fortum Gravo products has been piloted in two civil engineering structures in Riihimäki, Finland. The pilot projects tested and monitored the technical functionality of the material in real working conditions. Fortum Gravo 0/2 and 0/16 qualities were tested in the filtration layer and 0/32 in the sub-base layer.

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