Market position

Fortum is the third largest power generator and the largest electricity retailer in the Nordic countries.

Fortum has district heating generation in Finland and Poland. In 2022, Fortum generated 44.2 TWh of electricity and produced 5.3 TWh of heat.

Fortum is among the purest CO2-free power generators in Europe. The CO2-free power generation, mainly hydro and nuclear power, amounted to approximately 43 TWh in 2022, and 97% of total power generation was CO2-free. In Europe, heat is mainly produced at energy-efficient combined heat and power (CHP) plants.

In addition, Fortum’s circular economy solutions’ business enables and drives resource efficiency improvement.

Note: figures above consist of Fortum's continuing operations, excluding Russia.

Illustration of Nordic power generation at the end of 2021 (pro forma). Three largest are Vattenfall, Statkraft and Fortum. Total power generation 424 terwatt hours, over 350 companies.
Diagram of Nordic electricity retailers at the end of 2021 (pro forma). Three largest are Fortum, Vattenfall and Andel. 16 million customers and about 350 companies.


Bar diagram of specific CO2 emissions of major utilities in Europe at the end of 2021


Illustration of the largest power generators in Europe at the end of 2021 (pro forma). Three largest are EDF, RWE and Enel. Fortum's rank is 13.