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We are revolutionising the lithium-ion battery value chain for electric vehicle and industrial use batteries. Our low-CO2 battery recycling solution makes it possible to recycle over 80% of the battery, and 95% of the valuable metals contained in the battery's black mass can be put back into circulation.

Fortum Battery Recycling opened Europe’s largest closed-loop hydromet­al­lur­gical battery recycling facility in Finland
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Fortum Battery Recycling

Ready for the future
A solution for every stage of the battery life cycle

As an energy and circular economy company, we offer advanced expertise at every stage.

Development tools and methods
Always the latest technology backed by our own R&D

We have developed a cutting-edge technology to recover up to 95% of the critical metals in the battery's black mass.

Climate and resources
Sustainable, low-CO2 recycling solution

Our low-CO2 recycling processes turn lithium, cobalt, manganese and nickel back into raw materials for new batteries.

Our offering for battery recycling 

End of life services for lithium-ion batteries

We provide a safe, sustainable, and cost-effective service for handling, transporting, and recycling of lithium-ion batteries – from EV batteries to industrial-sized batteries.

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Recycling solutions for battery manufacturers

We provide recycling solutions for battery production scrap as well as hazardous waste management of challenging waste streams. 

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Why do we care about batteries?

Lithium-ion batteries play a key role in enabling the transition to clean energy and the growth of e-mobility. At Fortum, we are forerunners in battery recycling and have developed a cutting-edge low CO2 hydrometallurgical technology, where up to 95% of valuable metals can be recovered.

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Our low-CO2 lithium-ion battery recycling technology

We use a combination of mechanical and hydrometallurgical technologies to recycle the battery materials. With our cutting-edge, low CO2 battery recycling technology, we recover the valuable battery materials for reuse in the production of new batteries.

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