Public Affairs

The purpose of Public Affairs is to ensure a good and supportive operational environment for all Fortum's business areas in all our countries of operation. We facilitate the successful development and implementation of Fortum's strategy by compiling and assessing information related to future policy and legislative developments and through pro-active, constructive and transparent lobbying in our operating countries. We contribute to Fortum's image as an constructive partner in policy developments.

Fortum White Paper on the prior­ities for the next European Commission

The Paper addresses Europe’s immediate energy challenges while laying the groundwork for a sustainable and prosperous future, reinforcing Europe’s role as a forerunner in the global clean energy transition.

Fortum White Paper

Climate Lobbying Review 2023 update

Fortum’s Climate Lobbying Review is part of our efforts to increase trans­parency around our advocacy related to climate change. We published our first Climate Lobbying Review in December 2021, and we update it annually. Our Climate Lobbying Review website includes the updates for 2023. 

Climate Lobbying Review

Our stakeholders

We interact with national authorities, legislators and decisionmakers in different ways through our businesses in our key operating countries. Our key stakeholders in the EU policies include the European Commission,  European Parliament and the representatives of member states in the Council.

Our active participation in national and international industry organisations and cooperation with NGOs help us deepen our understanding of global megatrends and policy developments and their connections to our business.

Fortum has also joined several joint business initiatives promoting market-driven energy and climate policy.

Fortum has an informal Advisory Council consisting of representatives of Fortum’s stakeholder groups as invited by the Board of Directors. The Advisory Council aims to increase the dialogue and the exchange of views between the company and its stakeholders.

Our Code of Conduct

Fortum’s Code of Conduct establishes the foundation for our way of operating in all countries where we do business. Without exception, all Fortum employees are expected to comply with the Code of Conduct, the laws and regulations guiding our operations and the Group policies, principles and guidelines. The anti-corruption and anti-bribery principle is included in our Code of Conduct for suppliers of goods and services.

As an active corporate citizen, Fortum offers energy industry expertise to decision makers and non-governmental organisations in energy-related issues. Fortum as a company does not support, directly or indirectly, any political parties or other political organisations. Nor does it participate in the financing of the election campaign of any single candidate.