Raise a concern

We are all responsible for complying with legal obligations and our Code of Conduct, and for preventing and reporting any potential violations in a timely manner using the provided channels. It is the duty of Fortum’s managers to make sure that these channels are well known by all employees.

Inside the company, if anyone has a question or concern about what is considered appropriate conduct, or if they suspect that the Code of Conduct is being violated, they can contact a manager, Fortum’s People Function, the Group Compliance Function, or Company management, or they can use our anonymous SpeakUp channel.

In addition to the internal reporting channels, Fortum’s externally managed SpeakUp channel is available for external stakeholders who may prefer to express their concerns anonymously.

All compliance concerns raised at Fortum are reviewed according to the established internal processes. Fortum handles all reports with the highest integrity. In the investigation of compliance concerns, Fortum ensures confidentiality for all parties involved. We do not take disciplinary action against the person or persons accused of misconduct or noncompliance until the investigation process has been completed. However, making a complaint that one knows to be false is a misuse of these reporting channels and may also carry consequences.

About SpeakUp®

  • The SpeakUp® system is available in 70+ languages and in 200+ countries.
  • The user can leave a report via phone or web. The SpeakUp phone and web applications work in exactly the same way.
  • Privacy and security are safeguarded – the infrastructure is in The Netherlands; data protection and IT security are priorities.
  • Use the SpeakUp toll-free phone lines or web services assigned to the specific country
  • The above SpeakUp channels are compliant with the EU Whistleblowing directive. Fortum considers the misuse of any of these channels unacceptable.

What kind of issues can you raise?

When deciding to proceed with a particular course of action, seeking advice, or reporting a possible violation, answering the following three questions may help. These questions are not exhaustive but instead aim to provide general guidance.

  1. Does the behaviour go against any laws, Fortum’s Code of Conduct, or Fortum Group's values?
  2. Could the action be perceived negatively by others, such as colleagues, customers, or the media?
  3. Could the action or behaviour negatively affect Fortum’s public image?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, or if you have a question or concern about what is considered appropriate conduct or suspect that the Code of Conduct is being violated, contact us, raise a concern, and report it.

The concerns may relate to matters concerning accounting and financial records and practices, for instance, or to fraud and financial irregularities, securities issues (this reporting channel constitutes the independent reporting channel for reporting suspected violations of rules and regulations regarding financial markets under the Finnish Securities Markets Act, Chapter 12, Section 3), conflicts of interest, and illegal acts, including bribes.

The centralised external reporting channel of the Office of the Chancellor of Justice

The centralised external reporting channel of the Office of the Chancellor of Justice receives both written and oral reports of potential breaches.

Before making a report, please review the general requirements for whistleblower protection:

  • At the time of the report, the whistleblower must have a legitimate reason to believe that their information about a breach is true.
  • The information about a breach must be included in the scope of the Whistleblower Act. Read about the scope.
  • The whistleblower must be reporting a breach they have discovered in the course of their work.

Intentionally reporting false information is a punishable act and may result in liability for damages.

Read more from the site of Office of the Chancellor of Justice.