Our energy production

Modern life requires more energy than ever before. To meet this demand, we use reliable production methods like hydro power and nuclear power. But at the same time, we aim to accelerate the transition to a clean energy future by investing heavily in solar and wind power.

Low emissions
Making progress

Adding biomass to the fuel mix for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) reduces CO₂ emissions.

Meeting demand
Meeting demand

Nuclear and hydro power plants give us the stability and flexibility to meet increasing energy demand.

Ready for the future
Ready for the future

CO₂-free, renewable energy is the way forward and we’re leading the change for a cleaner world.

Fortum's production volumes (2021)


power (TWh)


heat (TWh)


of total power generation CO₂ free

Production capacities

Fortum's power generation capacity, 31 Dec 2020
Chevron down
MW Finland Sweden Russia Germany United Kingdom Netherlands Other TOTAL
Hydropower 1,553 4,895 - 1,991 - - - 8,439
Nuclear power 1,487 3,361 - - - - - 4,848
Combined Heat and Power 375 455 3,497 3,222 - 525 355 8,249
Condensing power 565 1,162 12,151 6,383 6,401 1,070 428is  28,160
Wind power - - 35 - - - 101 136
Solar power - - 35 - - - 250 285
TOTAL 3,980 9,873 15,718 11,596 6,401 1,595 1,134 50,297


Fortum's heat production capacity, 31 Dec 2020
Chevron down
MW Finland Norway Russia Germany Poland Netherlands Other TOTAL
Heat 1,417 888 11,010 3,061 941 1,133 1,061 19,511

High operational excellence ensures reliable operations


Energy availability of hydropower plants (excl. Uniper)


Energy availability of combined heat and power (CHP) plants (excl. Uniper)


Load factor of the Loviisa nuclear power plant, Finland

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Our aim is to move towards a low-emission energy system and optimal resource efficiency.

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