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Our purpose and strategy

Our purpose is defined by our determination to work towards a world where there is a healthy balance between the well-being of people, the needs of societies, the success of businesses and the diversity of nature.

To power a world where people, businesses and nature thrive together.

As one of the cleanest energy generators in Europe, we help societies to reach carbon neutrality, and our customers to grow and decarbonise their processes in a reliable and profitable way, in balance with nature. Everything we do and all decisions we make will originate from our purpose.

Strategic priorities

We deliver reliable clean energy

We deliver reliable clean energy, when needed and at scale, to our customers and the Nordic energy system. We will decarbonize those operations that still have emissions.

We drive decarbonisation in industries

We drive decar­bon­i­sation and growth – and thus clean energy demand – in Nordic indus­tries. We achieve this by partnering with strategic customers and providing them clean energy through long-term contracts

We transform and develop

To succeed in the strategy execution, we need to transform and develop our operating model and the way we work.

Powering a thriving world

Our strategy – designed to deliver our purpose

Our two strategic business priorities indicate where we will focus our efforts. Our first priority is to deliver reliable clean energy, when needed and at scale, to our customers and the Nordic energy system. The core of Fortum´s business portfolio lies in our best-in-class hydro and nuclear power generation operations, related flexibility and optimisation, heating and cooling and our expertise and know-how of the energy market and the broad CO2-free energy offering for our consumer and corporate customers. We are already market leaders in these areas, which we will continue to strengthen and where we plan to grow selectively in the long-term, while capitalising on the market volatility. In the short-term, we do not see a possibility for profitable growth investment projects, which also is reflected in our reduced capex. We will also continue to decarbonise and modernise those operations that still have emissions, backed by ambitious environmental commitments.

Secondly, we drive decarbonisation and clean energy demand growth in Nordic industries. We offer clean and stable energy supply for our customers' decarbonisation needs and actively develop projects in close partnership with them. Our core businesses of nuclear and hydro already offer a flexible and reliable base for this. We are also developing a ready-to-build pipeline for on-shore wind and solar power projects to have the readiness when the customer demand picks up again. As a power generator with the capability to supply clean power at scale our strategic target is to increase the share of long-term power purchase agreements (PPA) with our customers. This also balances our risks as it provides predictability of future income streams in the increasingly volatile business environment. 

Our third strategic priority describes how we are going to develop and transform to succeed. Our target is to build an efficient operating model that fits Fortum’s changing operating environment and our new scope and purpose. At the same time we develop our culture and leadership to best support strategy execution. 

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Creating value

Our value to our stakeholders lies in our ability to efficiently, reliably and flexibly deliver clean energy at scale – combined with our clear commitment and pathway to the carbon neutrality of our own operations, and our firm stand in protecting biodiversity.

Our financial targets guide how we look at investments going forward and pursue our business priorities: delivering reliable clean energy and driving decarbonisation in industries.

Our broad role in society is reflected in our comprehensive and ambitious environmental targets. By setting these targets we want to be in the front line of our industry to prove that the balance can ultimately be reached.

Our strong company values, our skills and experience make us confident about our commitment, our journey, and ultimately about the results we aim to achieve.

Our environmental and financial targets

Our environmental targets

We are committed to carbon neutrality and protecting biodi­versity. Our core business – reliably deliv­ering clean energy – is more important than ever. We are once again one of the cleanest energy gener­ators in Europe, and have the ambition to become a leader in sustain­ability.

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Our financial targets

Financial targets give guidance on Fortum's view of the company's long-term value creation potential, its growth strategy and business activ­ities.

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Press releases

Fortum renews strategy to drive clean transition

New financial targets and dividend policy and more ambitious environ­mental targets.

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Fortum updates business and reporting structure, and appoints new members to the Leadership Team

Fortum is reorganising the Group’s operating model to drive the execution of the Group’s revised strategy announced today. The new business structure and revised Fortum Leadership Team (FLT) will be effective at the end of March.

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