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The GO market has trans­formed from a niche concept into a vital component of the global green transition
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Power trading and energy supply

Leveraging our extensive expertise in the energy market, we specialise in delivering customised electricity optimisation solutions for energy-intensive industries, electricity retailers and customers with large energy consumption.

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What we offer?

Our services include power trading and hedging, power purchase agreements, environmental value products and flexibility solutions. In addition to our B2B offering, we seek partnerships in new clean energy production to enable customer growth and decarbonisation. 

Our services

Hedging and power trading

We offer an easy access B2B trading experience through Commodity Access services, providing large industrial customers with easy access to electricity and related commodities.

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Carbon-free Power Purchase Agreements

We provide tailored trading solutions, including long-term PPAs and structured products, ensuring diverse and customized energy agreements for our clients.

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Guarantees of Origin Certificates

We provide reliable solutions for environmentally-conscious electricity sourcing through our offerings of Guarantees of Origin (GO), environmental labels and carbon products.

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Physical power services

We provide seamless physical delivery of electricity, ensuring reliable and efficient supply to meet your energy needs.

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Demand response services

We offer comprehensive solutions for demand response, allowing businesses to leverage the flexibility of their power consumption, unlocking additional revenue streams through active participation in capacity markets.

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Joint projects

Co-investing and co-developing energy projects and industrial sites including:
SMR Nuclear
Site development


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Why choose Fortum as your energy partner?

  • Solid and trusted counterparty with stable credit rating
  • Over 100 years of experience in clean energy production and energy markets 
  • We understand energy at scale with 47 TWh power generation in 2023 
  • 98% of our power generation was CO2-free in 2023 
  • Extensive portfolio with the flexibility to cater to our customers’ needs 
  • Our core is in reliable and flexible nuclear power and hydropower. We partner with customers to build solar and wind power as well as investigate opportunities in clean hydrogen and new nuclear 

The Nordic region: hub for competitive and clean energy

With a strong presence in the Nordics, Fortum operates in an ideal location for green investments. The Nordic power sector is already largely carbon-free, offering a significant competitive advantage to businesses committed to sustainability.  

Furthermore, the region boasts a highly efficient electricity market with some of the lowest prices in Europe, making the business case for clean energy investments even stronger.

"Our agreement with Fortum is especially meaningful because it moves Borealis across the important milepost of 20% electricity supplied from renewable sources for use in our operations.”

Wolfram Krenn Executive VP Base Chemicals & Operations, Borealis

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Driving decarbonisation in industries

We offer clean and stable energy supply for our customers' decarbonisation needs and actively develop projects in close partnership with them. As one of the cleanest energy generators in Europe, our core lies in nuclear and hydro power generation. We also have the readiness to build new onshore wind and solar power projects together with our customers and partners and investigate opportunities in clean hydrogen and new nuclear. 

As a power generator with the capability to supply clean power at scale we look for long-term partnerships with our customers. This is a way to balance our customers risk as well as our own as it provides predictability in the increasingly volatile business environment. 

With our clean and scalable energy generation and expertise, at Fortum, we are a trusted partner to help societies and our customers to reach their climate goals. We build on our scale and core capabilities in CO2-free, efficient, and flexible operations. By sharing ideas, expertise and resources, we can accomplish more. In a changing world, collaboration is key. 

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Juha Sainio

Sales Manager, Finland
Tel: +358 40 777 9311
juha [dot] sainio [at] fortum [dot] com

Antti Rantanen

PPA Sales Manager
Tel: +358 50 453 6510
antti [dot] rantanen [at] fortum [dot] com

Tobias Mehnert

PPA Sales Manager
Tel: +358 40 703 8139
tobias [dot] mehnert [at] fortum [dot] com

Matti Palosaari

Senior Sales Trader
Tel: +358 40 701 1888
matti [dot] palosaari [at] fortum [dot] com

Rikard Dagerbäck

Sales Manager, Scandinavia
Tel: +46 73 758 2872
rikard [dot] dagerback [at] fortum [dot] com

Hassan El Mahdi

Sales Manager, Sweden
Tel: +46 70 859 3503
hassan [dot] el [dot] mahdi [at] fortum [dot] com

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Frequently asked questions

How does Fortum drive decarbonisation in the Nordics?
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98% of our power generation is already CO2-free. We offer our customers carbon free electricity at scale helping them decarbonise their processes. We also    actively partner with customers to build new clean energy and to find new solution to drive decarbonisation . By forming strategic partnerships throughout the Nordics, we harness collective resources and expertise, accelerating progress towards achieving a carbon-neutral society. 

Through the utilisation of power purchase agreements and guarantees of origin, Fortum ensures stability, predictability and tailor-made solutions enabling the transition for industrial clients towards cleaner energy sources.  

What services does Fortum provide for the industrial energy sector?
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We offer a comprehensive suite of services for the industrial energy companies, catering to their diverse needs. We facilitate power trading activities and provide hedging solutions to help our clients manage risks associated with price volatility in the energy markets.  

We also offer power purchase agreements, enabling our clients to procure electricity from renewable energy sources at predetermined rates over long-term contracts. Our flexibility solutions help clients optimally balance supply and demand, ensuring reliable and efficient energy delivery.