Turbine and generator control and protection systems

An essential part of Fortum's turbine and generator expertise is providing services and modernisations for monitoring, control, and protection systems. These systems guarantee the performance of your rotating main equipment and are in a key role when looking for more visibility, reliability, and safety.

Virtual power plant
Extensive engineering capabilities from an independent service provider

Ability to provide open systems with knowledge of multiple manufacturers’ equipment

Build new energy ventures
Flexible turnkey solutions

Modular executions allow the work to be split into smaller stages, thereby reducing the risks and complexity involved and maximising efficiency

Increased efficiency
Better availability

Improved performance and visibility into data reduces the risk of failures, increases operational flexibility, enables timely maintenance activities, and minimises plant downtime

Maintenance work for control and protection systems ongoing

Guaranteed performance for your monitoring, control, and protection systems

Even when carefully maintained, control and protection systems require upgrades and modernisations from time to time to ensure the continuation of safe and reliable operation. Whether you are looking for a replacement for existing obsolete equipment, maintenance services with a short response time, or improvements in the overall performance of systems, an experienced partner with a local support network and deep knowledge in the field of turbines, generators, and processes is highly valuable.

Fortum’s comprehensive solutions for control and protection systems offer support and expertise throughout your equipment lifetime. We provide a range of services – from smaller inspections to full modernisations of turbine-generators’ control and protection systems, and we can take overall responsibility for your project. As an OEM-independent service provider, we have the ability to service a wide range of equipment from different manufacturers and to define an optimal scope and solution for each specific need. Typically, a modular project execution is an ideal approach since it allows the work to be divided into smaller stages, thereby reducing the risks and complexity involved and ultimately leading to cost savings. The life cycle phase of the equipment also has to be considered. An example of this is replacing parts only after they have reached the end of their lifespan.


  • Expert services
  • Inspections


  • Turbine control and protection systems
  • Generator control and protection systems
  • Condition monitoring systems

Getting your systems under control

Our offering also includes versatile expert services, such as spot-on support for immediate and unexpected technical issues, project pre-studies, installation supervision, start-ups, process optimisation, inspections, and supplying spare parts to prolong the lifetime of your system without full modernisation. The bottom line for every assignment is to help our customers reach a top-level performance and increase availability – this is what we call getting your systems under control.

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