Turbine and generator workshops

Fortum Turbine and Generator Services has two dedicated workshops in the Nordic countries, designed for full-scope turbine and generator maintenance services.

Naantali Workshop full scope of maintenance sercvices

Comprehensive turbine and generator maintenance services from our workshops

The workshop in Naantali, Finland, is designed for full-scope turbine maintenance services, and is also equipped with servomotor testing and service facilities. Logistically, the workshop is in an excellent location near Naantali harbour by the Baltic Sea and close to the main road network.

Generators have been produced in Västerås, Sweden, for more than 130 years. This experience, know-how and commitment now live on in Fortum’s workshop, designed for full-scope generator maintenance services. The workshop is fully equipped to repair and rewind both rotors and stators. Next to the workshop facilities, Fortum also operates the only independent high-speed rotor balancing facility in the Nordic countries, expanding the service capabilities even further.

Extensive capabilities at our rotor balancing facility

Our generator workshop in Västerås, Sweden, can balance rotors up to a limit of 110 tons and speed up to 4300 rpm.

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Turbine services both for smaller and bigger needs

Our workshop in Naantali, Finland has expertise from small to big turbine parts. The overhead crane has lifting capacity up to 50 tons.

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Extensive engineering capabilities

No matter whether your equipment maintenance requires reverse engineering or re-engineering, we have the competence to help you. Thanks to our extensive experience and expertise in turbines and generators, we can serve our customers using both methodologies depending on the need.

Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering refers to the ability to reproduce a component with its original design. By using reverse engineering, we ensure fast access to the necessary spare parts through modelling and in-house manufacturing.


Re-engineering refers to the ability to not only reproduce, but also improve a component. This requires extensive engineering know-how and know-why, and in combination with fleet experience is a powerful tool for improving generator reliability.

Watch the video and see how we work at our Naantali workshop to provide a longer, care-free life for turbines

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