Generator maintenance and repair

Fortum eNext’s generator expertise is based on offering a full range of maintenance services from standard overhauls to upgrades, modernisations and delivering new components tailored to specific needs. With help from a knowledgeable partner, you can get the most from your high-value turbomachinery.

Generator maintenance at Fortum eNext worshop

More than just keeping your generators in operation

Every hour of generator downtime means a loss of production so all generator maintenance activities must be carefully planned and executed. Our skilled experts ensure that your generators are serviced in a timely and reliable manner, with the shortest possible downtime. We perform all types of generator maintenance services: small inspections, major overhauls, and spare part manufacturing and delivery as well as upgrades and modernisations.

Our generator maintenance and diagnosis is based on more than 100 identified failure modes. The data we collect is analyzed by our generator experts and the resulting risk assessment for the generator and its components minimizes the risk of downtime and its consequences. The final report gives plant owners a powerful basis for updating their maintenance plans and guides future investments intended to reduce risks to an acceptable level.

The OEM-independent engineering know-how combined with Fortum’s utility background and experience in running and maintaining our own fleet, allows us to tailor the best possible solutions for each customer need and helps you save both time and money.  We also have a fully equipped workshop and balancing facilities for generators in Västerås, Sweden.


  • Inspections
  • Overhauls
  • Spare parts
  • Expert services


  • Upgrades and repairs
  • Rotor rewinds
  • Stator rewinds
  • New components

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High-speed balancing of generator rotors at our workshop

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