Quality and sustainability

Fortum Circo is made with no compromises: it is a safe and reliable raw material that fits a wide variety of applications. Fortum Circo® is sustainable in every sense.

From waste to new valuable raw material

The core of our Fortum Circo recyclates is post-consumer plastic waste, which is separately collected and delivered to our plastic recycling process. We handle all waste at our own state-of-the-art plant and monitor the quality of the plastics through the whole recycling process. Near-infrared technology-based sorting and separating of the different plastics guarantees consistent quality of the recycled raw material.

Sustainable and transparent production process

The origin of feedstock material and the processing of plastic waste play a key role in the sustainability of production. Our mechanical recycling process consists of several steps, including washing, drying and compounding processes. As a recycled plastics manufacturer we have the whole recycling process in our own hands and can thus ensure the sustainability at every stage of the process.

Our recycling process is protected to prevent the leakage of micro-plastics and it complies with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. Our process also has EuCertPlast certification.

Low environmental impact

Implementing circular economy actions and reducing climate change are goals that most companies have in today’s world. The most valuable materials are the ones that hold value and can be used more than just one time.

Utilizing recycled plastics instead of virgin plastics saves resources and decreases carbon footprint. The climate change impact of Fortum Circo recycled plastic basic granulates is now up to 70% lower compared to virgin granulates. Our new cellulose fibre-reinforced compound, which combines post-consumer recycled polypropylene with softwood cellulose fibre, is even more sustainable, as its carbon footprint is neutral.

Interested in the environmental impact of Fortum Circo?

Fortum Circo LCA and Carbon footprint studies

Recycled sustainable alternatives are here to replace virgin plastics. The carbon footprint of Fortum Circo® recycled basic grades is now up to 70% lower compared to virgin plastics. Download our LCA and carbon footprint studies to learn more about the climate change impacts and benefits of using Fortum Circo basic grades and compounds in your products.